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Welcome to Mud Kitchens UAE! We design & make beautiful wooden mud kitchens for children Opened on Little Majlis in September 2017

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We design, build and promote our beautiful mud kitchens to help children leave technology aside and get creative using natural materials. Playing with mud kitchens also creates the opportunity to practise social skills, roll play and make great memories with friends. All our kitchens are hand built, come fully assembled and provide endless hours of fun.

There are many benefits to playing with mud kitchens. Below are just a few:

Creativity and imagination: Mud kitchens are amazing spaces for sparking children’s imagination. It takes a good deal of creative thinking to transform muddy creations into culinary delights. With a bit of creativity, sloppy mud can become a smooth cake batter.

Sensory stimulation is a necessary part of brain development. Children can listen to nature sounds of the outdoors, mud/water, birds and so on. Tactile stimulation through touch and the different feelings of dirt, pebbles, sticks, water, mud, and the different textures. Seeing how materials mix, mash, pour, transform, squish and so on through different methods of play.

Practises eye-hand coordination by scooping, mixing, pouring, carrying pots full or water and transferring materials.

Teaches cause and effect: dirt and water makes mud, mud settles at the bottom of the pot, wooden pieces float to the surface and so forth.

Pretending real life play: Mud kitchens allow children to develop real skills using real life instruments, working in a real kitchen, working with real resources while using natural materials and connecting with nature.

Children practice social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they work together.

Gross motor skills By carry full shovels of mud or balance full pots of water, lift and pour containers, stir and scoop with utensils, squat, stand, sit.

Staying healthy Outdoor play is important for all children. Research has also shown that playing with dirt increases a child’s immune system.

Communication and language development: Mud kitchens encourage children to talk about what they’re doing and provides opportunities for children to use specific vocabulary related to kitchen utensils and cooking.

Mathematics: measuring water and mixing water in set quantities to see the different outcomes. Children can weigh and count their natural ‘ingredients’ too.

Children practice social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they work together.

Shop policies

Can I customize my mud kitchen? Yes, after you select and purchase a mud kitchen we will be in touch with you to choose a colour from our colour chart. Depending on the age of your child we will adjust the height of the table top to 52 or 62 cm. How long does it take until I receive my mud kitchen? Our delivery time is 2-4 weeks as all our mud kitchens are made to order. Should you need your mud kitchen sooner please contact us via message prior to ordering and we will check if we can deliver earlier. Can I return my mud kitchen? We do not offer refunds on made to order/personalised products. How does delivery work? As soon as the mud kitchen is ready we will message you to agree on a date/ time for the delivery.

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